HLXHapag Lloyd Express (German airline)
HLXHigh Luxury
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HLX boss Wolfgang Kurth said he considered Coventry a "great location" complementing existing services to Manchester and Newcastle.
The 22, 28, and 34 HLX engines are relatively new on the market.
But if it's real luxury you're looking for, go for the range-topping HLX.
In a key ruling with major ramifications, the EC has decided that 'certain airport services and marketing agreements' between Austria's small Klagenfurt Airport and its historic carrier users Ryanair, HLX and Tuifly have given these airlines 'an undue advantage under EU state aid rules and are therefore technically illegal.
The HLX features a large display and touchscreen that let operators make on-screen selections with the touch of a finger or the click of a stylus.
com could be the new name of the combined fleet of German carriers Hapagfly and LCC HLX.
HLX began operating from Newcastle in May and demand for the service has surpassed expectations.
Mr O'Leary also predicted that German budget airlines like Air Berlin, dba and TUI AG's HLX will disappear from the market.
HLX say it will use its "whisper-quiet" Boeing 737-700 aircraft on this new route.
Tim Gresty, head of marketing in the UK for HLX, explained the choice of Newcastle Airport: "We think Newcastle provides well functioning links to the rest of the North-East and it's a good location for building up incoming tourism from Germany.
It was also stated that further growth and lower costs will enable HLX to record a profit by 2005, Reuters reported.
The Commission also found that certain airport services and marketing agreements concluded between the airport operator and airlines Ryanair, HLX and Tuifly gave the latter an undue advantage, which cannot be justified under EU state aid rules.