HLZHamilton, New Zealand - Hamilton (Airport Code)
HLZHelicopter Landing Zone
HLZHot Landing Zone
HLZHotline Zombie
HLZHochleistungszählanlage (High-speed Counting and Sorting Machines for Beverage Containers)
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The Apache gunship that had escorted the second CH-47 helicopter to HLZ Hotel for its first insertion observed, as they were in the process of moving to their second drop location (i.
Luckily, the mortally wounded CH-47 was able to make a controlled crash landing in a field near its original HLZ.
As the first Chinook helicopter was turning south towards HLZ Juliet, the aviation commander and his right crew chief witnessed enemy running into the treeline.
When the call came, we learned that the planned exfil HLZ was fouled and that the team had shifted about 200 yards to another HLZ (which would fit the four aircraft).
The HLZ appeared to be a farmer's field where there they had hastily erected greenhouses in the spring.
Dash 3 decided to shut down the aircraft to the auxiliary power unit (APU), check the aircraft for damage, and survey the HLZ for other possible missile hazards.
Although not very useful in Iraq, the HLZ screening algorithms could help identify potential landing zones for casualty evacuation in real time in remote Afghanistan.
GRIM: Cops at the home yesterday' SUSPECT: Dad Arshad' SC06 HLZ
HLZ, es un narrador sin tacha, sabe contar y lo hace en este libro pese al peligro cine significa confundir sentimientos propios con el traslado al lector.
He requested that I move the HLZ closer to the hillside.
My first sergeant assumed control of the HLZ once I reached the northern end.
The company also demonstrated a high degree of proficiency in medical tasks, from first aid to establishing an HLZ, saving the life of one severely wounded American.