HM1Hospital Corpsman First Class (USN/USNR Rating)
HM1Human Muscarinic M1
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The results of seven D-U samples spiked with HM1, HM2, HM3, HM5 and HM6 remained positive for THC in all concentrations of the HMs tested, from the lowest to the highest (40% v/v).
HM1 Peet is a USN preventive medicine technician who was deployed with the Directorate for Public Health, USNS Comfort during Continuing Promise 2015.
Generation of potent antitumor CTL from patients with multiple myeloma directed against HM1.
Simulation of boom lifting is achieved with adjustment of flow rate of fluid in Hydraulic motor HM1 to give enough pressure force on piston P1 and cylinder HC1, with cross section [A.
Our hoist operator was an AWS3, so he traded spots with the HM1, who got ready to go down the hoist as the dedicated SAR swimmer.
Entre la informacion de investigaciones nacionales sobresalen: el Estudio Nacional de Prevalencia del Asma, Rinitis y Dermatitis; el estudio de las cepas de virus detectadas en Colombia; dos sobre cancer; la vacuna contra la malaria del Instituto de Inmunologia; los estudios sobre las enfermedades del corazon en Colombia; los trasplantes de organos; el embarazo en adolescentes; el aumento de las enfermedades psicosociales en el pais; y el desarrollo de un dispositivo HM1 para eliminar el uso de las agujas.
Combined treatments of osmotic dehydration and microwave heating (MD) were carried out using a microwave oven (HACEB HM1.
I have to thank HM1 McCartney for the awesome duty-section medical training he provided.
HM1 Donald Schrader arrived and used his medical training to revive the boy.
Naugard 445 white, nonstaining secondary amine for ABS, polyolefins, nylon, and polyether polyols; Naugard SA high-temperature, highperformance stabilizer; and Naugard HM1 and HM22 phenolic/amine blends.