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HM3Hospital Corpsman Third Class (USN/USNR Rating)
HM3Hollywood-Mogul (movie business simulation game)
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The original Dornier HM3 was designed with 2 fluoroscopic cameras positioned on either side of the shock wave reflector.
Clinically diagnosed renal hemorrhage after extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy with Dornier HM3 and Medstone lithotripters.
First, HM3 Stevenson challenged the military court's jurisdiction, claiming that the courts did not have jurisdiction over him since he was assigned to the temporary disability retired list.
On 4 August the Department of Defense POW/Missing Personnel Office announced their identification of the remains of HM3 Manuel R.
Above, HM3 Ando Muneno draws blood from a Filipino civilian as HM3 Rowella Liles stands by during a medical civil assistance program aboard USS Peleliu (LHA 5).
Robert, 38, from Bonhill, Dunbartonshire, of the West Coast Fly Fishers club, netted four fish at the Lake of Menteith to take the coveted Champions Cup and gold medal, a pounds 300 cheque, a top of the range Scierra HM3 10ft rod worth pounds 250 and a bottle of the Famous Grouse Whisky.
Repass and HM3 Entrekin work at Aviation Survival Training Center, Cherry, Point, NC.
In 1986, the FDA approved the Dornier HM3 system, which uses an underwater spark-gap generator to produce high intensity shock waves.
The Dornier HM3 lithotripter (Dornier Medizintechnik GmbH, Germering, Germany) was first introduced to the United States in the early 1980s.
HM3 Eric Nobriga, assigned to Combined Anti-Armor Team 2, hands candy to Afghan children during a patrol in Nawa District, Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
Corpsman HM3 Christopher "Doc" Anderson saved his life in