HMEPHazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (US DoT)
HMEPHazardous Materials Emergency Plan
HMEPHazardous Materials Emergency Planning
HMEPHighways Maintenance Efficiency Programme (UK)
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2) HMEP is a data set tracking international investments by large US MNEs from their earliest beginning up to 1975 (Caves 1998).
Jason Russell, HMEP Advocate and Assistant Director of Highways, Surrey County Council
Historically, PHMSAs HMEP grant program required recipients to use grant funds within the fiscal year it was received.
HMEP grants are funded by annual user registration fees paid by shippers and carriers of certain hazardous materials in commerce.
Joseph noted that IEMA received funding requests for more than $740,000 in local planning projects, but the state s federal HMEP allocation was just over $435,000.
From 2011-12, HMEP grants funded training for more than 98,400 first responders in initial or refresher hazmat response courses, over 1,300 new or revised hazmat emergency response plans, and approximately 1,060 hazmat exercises.