HNBRHydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber
HNBRHydrogenated Acrylonitrile-Butadiene Rubber
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Grippers in the new '100' series are equipped with temperature-resistant HNBR pads or fully coated gripper jaws to avoid scratching or damaging applications such as chromed or painted plastic parts, or those with restricted space.
AO-80 was directly mixed with HNBR on an open two-roll mill under room temperature with the AO-80 content of 5, 10, 30, 50, 80, and 100 phr (parts per hundred resin), respectively.
Unlike silicone, HNBR has good adhesion to nylon, but its high viscosity made overmolding difficult.
O-rings in FKM and HNBR (peroxide cured) were tested in motor oil simultaneously in the traditional way and with the ALE test.
The EPDM sealing element is used in any type of water system and for low-pressure steam; the HNBR sealing element is designed for fuel oil and gas systems; and the FKM sealing element is used for applications where increased chemical resistance is required, as well as for low-pressure steam.
HNBR has high strength, excellent oil resistance, heat tolerance, and stability, and it is widely applied as seal components in automobile industry.
Tests on these new ultra-high ACN grades of HNBR have shown that their swell rates in these media have been cut by almost a third.
The fitting features fewer moving parts for low maintenance and a HNBR bonded eccentric plug that provides a greaseless, bubble-tight seal between the upper and lower chambers of the fitting, A unique safety lock helps prevent accidental opening of the eccentric plug under pressure and indicates if the orifice plate is not properly located in the fitting for accurate measurement.
A blend of FKM and HNBR, therefore, could be used for economic reasons or to attain a better balance of properties for a specific end use.