HNMRHigh Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
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The detail purification procedure of genistein from Huaijiao was published previously and its chemical structure was analyzed by using various techniques including IR, UV, HNMR and CNMR (Tian et al.
The analytical measurement by IR, UV, HNMR and CNMR methods indicate the chemical structure of genistein from Huaijiao is 5,7,4'-trihydroxyisoflavone, which is similar to those commercial available genistein.
EI-MS were performed at MAT-312 and on JEOLJMS-HX 110 instrument 1 HNMR spectra were recorded at Bruker AVANCE 400, 500 MHz, (Delta) in ppm related SiMe 4 (0 ppm) as internal standard.
The structure was established by HNMR and 13C NMR data (Abe et al.
2] to produce 45 mg of active fraction 2 which was shown to be isodiospyrin (3) Compound 3 was identified by comparison of its (1) HNMR data with that which h ad previously been reported (Lillie and Musgrave, 1977).
Its chemical structure was identified by the use of UV, IR, FAB-MS, HNMR, (13) CNMR, [blank.
1) HNMR spectra were recorded on a Bruker 250 instrument with [CDCl.
The presence of pendant glycidyl methacrylate groups in Dex-GMA, was confirmed further by the (1) HNMR spectrum shown in Fig.