HOBYHugh O'Brian Youth (youth leadership program)
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The five days at the HOBY Advanced Leadership Academy are exciting and intense.
Doyle exceeded the HOBY 100 community service hour challenge and received the President's Volunteer Service Award, and is currently a junior staff mentor for HOBY.
Concurrently, HOBY announced the appointment of Joy DesMarais-Lanz to the newly created position of director of national alumni programs.
They are an elite school that is dedicated to developing leadership in their students, which is very important to both our organizations,” said Ron Gillet, Chairman of the Board for HOBY Arizona.
We are very proud of Adele, just as we are proud of all of our ambassadors who are making a difference in the lives of others," said HOBY President and CEO Javier LaFianza.
Tahanto teachers and administrators nominate students every year, Tucceri said, noting HOBY is looking for students with "character and leadership qualities.
With volunteerism and service inherent in its mission, HOBY is an active participant in the program and encourages each student who attends a local HOBY Leadership Seminar to complete at least 100 hours of community service within one year.
The solution to youth bullying lies with the youth themselves - they are the only ones that can stop it," says HOBY President and CEO Javier LaFianza.
From that inspiration, and with the support of others who believe in youth and the American dream, I started HOBY to seek out, recognize, and develop outstanding leadership potential among our nation's youth.
Each of our new board members brings a spirit and enthusiasm that will greatly benefit HOBY and our student ambassadors," said HOBY President and CEO Javier LaFianza.
HONORS AND AWARDS: HOBY ambassador; New England Student Leadership Conference representative; EMC Student STAR; John and Abigail Adams Scholarship; Richard Moore's Commonwealth Award nominee.
This fund-raiser benefits 20,000 high school sophomores annually in HOBY leadership seminars that have contributed to 100 percent high school graduation rate by the more than 200,000 HOBY alumni - 53 percent of whom have gone on to college graduate degrees.