HOCSCitizenship Survey (UK; formerly Home Office Citizenship Survey)
HOCSHead of Corporate Services (job title)
HOCSHeens Office Consulting Services (Brussels, Belgium)
HOCSHome & Office Computer Support (UK)
HOCSHead of Customer Service
HOCSHungarian Outdoor Club of Scotland (Scotland, UK)
HOCSHead Office Computer System
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First through the TEC's substructures and then under the HOCS, a series of meetings between the intelligence components saw them assisting in shaping the policy framework that would govern them.
Through HOCS, the intelligence structures had made a case for their exemption on the grounds that the openness of the broader Public Service would compromise intelligence officers.
It can be noted from the table that HOCS is more computationally efficient when compared to second-order accurate scheme in each grid as well as when it is combined with the multigrid method.
Agency : Ministry of Defence, Defence Commercial, Navy & HOCS