HOIAHermann Ohlthaver Institute for Aeronomy (South Africa)
HOIAHeads of Internal Audit (UK)
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amacapolin o amacapolquahuitl), cuyo fruto es mas pequeno que el de las especies europeas, "ay morales en eSta tierra, llamanlos amacapuli o amacapulquavitl, es liso y acopado, tienen muchas ramas y hoias, y las hoias son muy verdes, son algo vellosas las hoias por el enves, llevan moras como las de CaStilla, pero pequenuelas" (L.
It had been a difficult build-up to the Test for all the players following more injury problems and the death of Anton Hoia in the middle of the week.
Hoia, one of Tumanako's aides, arrives to inform them that not only have they been invited to the ball,
53) The expression hoia an genoito is ordinarily translated as "the kinds of things that could (or might) happen.
Inimene ei hoia miskis muus asjas nii kangekaelselt vanadest kombetest kinni, kui just toiduasjas.