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HOISHostile Intelligence Service
HOISHead of Information Services (job title)
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HOI materials are commonly produced using the sol--gel process.
7-10) This document describes more recent efforts to create a combinatorial workflow for the development of HOI coatings designed to provide corrosion protection to aluminum alloys.
21) "[E]i men oun esan hoi logoi autarkeis pros to poiesai epieikeis.
According to the inspector, w r hois trained to a higher level than the normal Ofsted school inspectors, school leaders have a "responded quickly by implementing an action plan that focuses sharply on the areas for improvement highlighted by the inspection.
34) Unfortunately I was not able to compare Orledge's realization of Diane au hois, performed in Montreal, (35) with Smith's in London.
We have many important and large events coming in the next couple of months and I am confident in hois and his departments ability to deliver the events above expectations.
PASCHAL TAGGART, w hois attempting to purchase WimbledonStadium,yesterday reacted to GRA managing directorC live Feltham's comments in Wednesday's Racing Postundertheheadline, 'ownershavenoplanstoclose Wimbledon', by demanding answers to a number of searchingquestions.