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HOJOHoward Johnson's (Hotel Chain)
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What might look at first like a simple exchange of drinks for defense could turn out to be a trickier manipulation, Hojo suggests.
Losses from a stronger yen assumed for October-March would offset the absence of restructuring costs in that period, but better vehicle sales would have a net positive impact, Hojo said.
Veteran Chinese actor Gordon Liu, known for the classic 36 Chambers of Shaolin, plays Hojo expertly.
In Lifeology, Professor Hojo invites the audience to take part in his science class to study the science of the human body.
We could only afford HoJo and Holiday Inn, but it was really magical because it was that sense of discovery--that first time you had an ice machine, first time you had room service.
At midnight near Atlanta's Hartsfield, we stood with other passengers checking into a HoJo motel.
Tawara T, Fukushima T, Hojo N, Isobe A, Shiwaku K, Setogawa T, et al.
I like making sauces and went through a spell of making a lot of flavoured oils, but now I just use Hojo Blanco extra virgin oil with black pepper, which you can also buy at the deli.
Indeed, such an effect has recently been demonstrated by Hojo (2002) with a conditional discrimination task.
Indeed, after the death of Yoritomo in 1199 and the creation of the Hojo Regency, the greatest threat to the Kamakura Shogunate was the Miura clan.
Interestingly Informatica has appointed Takemi Hojo, former general manger of rival Ascential Corp's Japanese division, to head up operations in the country.