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HOLCHome Owner's Loan Corporation
HOLCHigh Order Language Computer
HOLCHouse of the Lord Church
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The HOLC established standards for the refinancing of home mortgages, transforming large lump fixed debts into small affordable monthly payments, and mapped neighborhoods to assess credit risks.
moreover, to Professor Shiller's proposal for a new HOLC.
Neighborhood D-8 is 30% black at the time of the HOLC maps and
More than eighty years after the start of the Great Depression, when politicians have called for similar programs to quell the current mortgage crisis, this accessible account of the HOLC holds invaluable lessons for our own time.
superior, moreover, to Professor Shiller's proposal for a new HOLC.
The HOLC reinstated the loans that it purchased, and modified them into long-term (20-year), fixed-rate, self-amortizing mortgages.
The HOLC has been cited as a model for how the government could resolve the current wave of mortgage defaults.
The HOLC funded approximately one million loans for a total of
HOLC funded conversion to multiple occupancy on a budget of $2500 per unit, while Cleveland's City Planning Commission obliged by loosening zoning regulations that would have otherwise made such conversions unlawful.
67) In creating their uniform appraisal standards, HOLC officials implemented redlining, which systematically undervalued racially and ethnically diverse central city neighborhoods.