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HOLDINGSHolding Our Library Documents Insures Nobility, Greatness and Strength (archive project)
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While he worked night and day to make his farms more productive and to extend his holdings of land, he regretted that he could not use his own restless energy in the building of temples, the slaying of unbelievers and in general in the work of glorifying God's name on earth.
I know where your son is, and I know some, at least, of those who are holding him.
Holding on to the end of the canoe, both he and that portion of the canoe were dragged under several times.
With matted beard, and swathed in a bristling shark-skin apron, about mid-day, Perth was standing between his forge and anvil, the latter placed upon an iron-wood log, with one hand holding a pike-head in the coals, and with the other at his forge's lungs, when captain ahab came along, carrying in his hand a small rusty-looking leathern bag.
First, there were the tight-rein drivers -- men who seemed to think that all depended on holding the reins as hard as they could, never relaxing the pull on the horse's mouth, or giving him the least liberty of movement.
The door opened again, and Topsy, her eyes swelled with crying, appeared, holding something under her apron.
When Rebecca alighted from the train at Maplewood and hurried to the post- office where the stage was standing, what was her joy to see uncle Jerry Cobb holding the horses' heads.
You were not aware when you wrote to me that I had received a few lines from Magdalen -- not telling me where she is, but holding out the hope of our meeting before long.
In front of them was the Slaughterer, holding Groan-Maker aloft, and oh
As he was thus speaking, he had risen from bed with great difficulty, holding to my shoulder with a grip that almost made me cry out, and moving his legs like so much dead weight.
The Emperor came himself with his most distinguished knights, and each impostor held up his arm just as if he were holding something, and said, 'See
My two companions, safe and sound, were near me holding my hands.