HOMCHospice of Miami County (Miami, FL)
HOMCHigh Octane Mogas Component (gasoline)
HOMCHuman-Oriented Media Computing
HOMCHuman Omentum Mesothelial Cell
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The types of imported BBM are automotive diesel oil (ADO), fuel oil, kerosene, HOMC, industrial diesel oil (IDO), aviation gases (avgas and avtur).
Table--1 Imports of refined oil products by off-takers Type of product Volume Offtakers (tons) HOMC 335,000 Pertamina Kerosene 1,100,000 Pertamina Diesel 189,000 Pertamina Light Naphtha 1,065,000 Pertamina & CAPC Total 2,689,000 Source: Data Consult Table--2 Naphtha production of Pertamina, 1997-2001 *) ('000 Barrels) Refineris 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 *) P.
In 1993-1999, imports of HOMC from Singapore rose from 2 million barrels valued at US$ 51 million in 1993 to 9.
In addition to crude oil, oil refineries also use condensate, HOMC (High octane mogas components) and field gas as feedstock.
Imports from Singapore include fuel oil, Inco duel, HOMC, avtur, gas oil, HSFO, IDO and DPK.