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HOMERHybrid Optimization Model for Electric Renewables (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
HOMERHoming Marine Environmental Recorder
HOMERHAART (Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy) Observational Medical Evaluation and Research (Canada)
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Loving Homer as I do, I hardly like to say that in attributing these feelings to Achilles, or in believing that they are truly to him, he is guilty of downright impiety.
But in what follows he takes the person of Chryses, and then he does all that he can to make us believe that the speaker is not Homer, but the aged priest himself.
Then he will adopt a mode of narration such as we have illustrated out of Homer, that is to say, his style will be both imitative and narrative; but there will be very little of the former, and a great deal of the latter.
Miss Hamer said Mrs Hollingsworth had withdrawn the allegation and publicly apologised to Mr Homer for the damage to his reputation and the distress and upset that he had suffered.
If those hearing her words interpreted them in that way, she apologises unreservedly to Mr Homer.
On 5 April 2015, during the course of an argument with Mr Homer, Mrs Hollingsworth said in the presence and hearing of her husband, Mr Homer's son, and one of Mr Homer's employees, that (Mr Homer) was a wife beater and she knew that," barrister Clara Hamer, who represented Mr Homer, told the judge at a High Court hearing in London.
HOMER is different from other tools in the renewable energy analysis space in its focus on hybrid renewable microgrids, those that combine multiple energy and storage sources, such as wind with solar photovoltaics and batteries.
Bart comes into the scene and teaches Homer how to download movies online from Bootleg Bay.
He dallied with the Flaming Homer and occasionally tries something new, but always returns to Duff.
In order to focus on this resurgence of Homeric interest in popular culture, College Literature several years ago invited a number of scholars to contribute articles for possible inclusion in a special issue on "Reading Homer in the 21st Century" (34.
If you were simply to go by the trailers and the early, unfinished snippets of footage screened at Comic-Con last summer, you'd guess that the movie leans heavily on Homer gags.
In Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he grew up, Homer was exposed to art and encouraged to draw at an early age.