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HOMERFHome Radio Frequency
HOMERFHome Radio Frequency (wireless technology)
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Under the programme second-generation products that are based on the open HomeRF 2.
HomeRF faces two challenges: i) the range of its products (especially at higher bandwidths) and 2) regulatory approval.
HomeRF -- An emerging standard driven by the independent HomeRF Working Group, for using the 2.
WECA had claimed that allowing HomeRF devices to operate in the 2450MHz (2.
Several vendors, including Compaq Computer, Ericsson, Hewlett-Packard and IBM, have representatives on the HomeRF working group, which developed the SWAP protocol to provide low-cost wireless capabilities for homes and small offices.
Wireless solutions based on the HomeRF SWAP specification complement Intel's line of phoneline networking products and extend home networking to mobile devices in and around the home.
Its expertise ranges from short-range wireless technologies such as Bluetooth and HomeRF to full wireless local area networking.
11, HiperLAN2, Bluetooth, HomeRF, WLIF: what do they do and what is their value?
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