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HOMEYHomies Organizing the Mission to Empower Youth
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Homey was a high school graduate who was working as a forester and machinist when he enlisted in the New Jersey Army National Guard on 25 January 1938.
In fact, the rooms are so homey that many TV and movie types stay here during a filming in town.
They'll assure you homey atmosphere and simple, tasty fare.
The Farm's homey setting belies its sophisticated fare -- and pricey menu.
The interior of sage green carpeting, cream walls and sage and tan seats was adopted to invoke a warm and homey feeling, said Cheryl Sledge, the decorating committee chairwoman.
GENEROUSLY portioned, homey, tasty food is available to those seeking strictly kosher fare in the friendly confines of Sassi in Encino.
95), resulting in a very homey creation paired with bulgur pilaf and veggies.
99) is also a homey plate filled with steak, fried pork skin, rice, beans, a fried egg, avocado, fried banana and arepa.