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HONHoneywell International Inc. (stock symbol; Morristown, NJ)
HONHand of Nod (Command and Conquer video game)
HONHold Off Normal
HONHazardous Organic NESHAP (National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants)
HONHealth On the Net Foundation
HONHands on Nashville (Tennessee; est. 1991)
HONHeroes of Newerth (computer game)
HoNHouse of Night (book series)
HONHuron, SD, USA - Huron Regional Airport (Airport Code)
HONHybrid Optical Network
HONHall of Names
HONHouse of Netjer (Kemetic Orthodoxy main temple)
HoNHot or Not
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In early February, FIT Hon Teng Limited, a Hong Kong-listed subsidiary of Hon Hai issued a statement indicating it has reached an agreement with Sharp to establish a joint venture to develop technology and produce electronics components for car use.
Hon Ahmad Aliyu Sokoto Deputy Governor (Overseer of the Ministry of Works and Transport)
Proceeds from the planned spinoffs are expected to total approximately $3 billion, which will be paid to HON as dividends.
Hon Kwok Centre is not only a traditional office building, but an upgrade of the conventional to a well-equipped green commercial complex, complemented with an ancillary leisure zone, marrying urban commercial functions with the art of living.
HoN Tour[acute accent]s exclusive URSA CORPs content, which includes in-game goodies ranging from avatars, to permanent account progression bonuses, and more, will be added throughout the season; 25% of the revenue generated from eSports Plinko purchases will funnel directly into HoN Tour's prize pool.
Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation Component: Army (Left to Right): Hon.
L Chang, Cyber's chairman, pointed out that the cooperation between Hon Hai and RadioShack is experimental, adding that to efficiently utilize manufacturing advantage, Hon Hai targets controlling distribution channels rather than having its own brand.
As part of the transaction, Samuel Hon will keep his position as president of HON Digital.
HON initiated its environmental policy--Corporate Pollution and Waste Elimination Standard Practice Instruction--back in March 1990.
Students only need to take ONE lab-based science course: HON 1107--or--HON 1108.
Hon has been a member of ASTM International since 1982 and is chair of Subcommittee D11.
One of the largest providers of professional workplace furniture, The HON Co.