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This forest type was represented by Hopea hainanensis and Hopea exalata of the Dipterocarpaceae, Heritiera parvifolia of the Sterculiaceae, Amesiodendron chinense of the Sapindaceae, Homalium hainanense of the Salicaceae, Alphonsea monogyana of the Annonaceae, and Gironniera subaequalis of the Ulmaceae.
Lee DW (2000) Effects of irradiance and spectral quality on leaf structure and function in seedlings of two southeast asian Hopea (Dipeterocarpaceae) species.
As Anttila observes, coalescence is optional in adjectives, but banned in nouns (modulo a small number of exceptional native nouns, like hopea ~ hopee 'silver').
En general las semillas recalcitrantes se deben almacenar con alto contenido de humedad; como en los generos Quercusque no debe estar debajo de 25 a 30%; Hopea entre 20 y 33%, y alrededor de 35% para algunas variedades de Coffea, todas conservadas a temperaturas de 3 a 5[grados]C dependiendo de la especie (Bonner, 1981); es en esta categoria de semillas recalcitrantes donde caen las especies del genero Swietenia.
Mike Parker, director general of Nexus, said: "Nexus, supported by South Tyneside Council, hopea to invest in a new Simonside station to serve local people and give them rapid access to South Shields, Newcastle and Sunderland".
Hopea ferruginea; n = 2 trees, which later died) or groups of trees on steep slopes after an extended drought (e.
6 24 Kayu putat Barringtonia acutangula 6 24 Kayu tahun Garcinia sp 5 20 Kayu jijap Eugenia sp 4 16 Kayu ngkurung Grewia spp 2 8 Atap emang Hopea griffithii 2 8 Atap sirap [various kinds, shingles] 2 8 Kayu sikop Garcinia celebica 1 4 Kayu kebesi Memecylon edule 1 4 Kayu ngkunik Antidesma stipulare 1 4 Kayu merandap wood 1 4 Kayu tembesuk Fragraea fragrans 1 4 Kayu kemarauan Shorea platycarpa 1 4 Kayu ngkelopak wood 1 4 Papan pukul Shorea virescens 1 4 Kayu belanti Baccaurea bracteata 1 4 Unknown 1 4 * The results from the four months of recordkeeping (number of trips) were multiplied by 3 to estimate the yearly number of trips.
The jewellery, designed by Kauppi, Hopea or Haivaoja, demonstrate classic simplicity and a utopian touch reminiscent of pieces of jewellery combining materials such as silver and stones (images 94-98).
echinocalyx, a canopy tree whose shade tolerance is not well known, and Hopea wightiana, a moderately shade-tolerant dipterocarp from evergreen forests in South India, the most drought tolerant of the species studied.
Floral anatomy and gametogenesis in Hopea racophloea Dyer.