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HORNHuman Oriented Narval
HORNHead on Radio Network
HORNHealth Organization Research Norway
HORNHalt Outrageous Railroad Noise (Mt. Tabor, NJ)
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I saw his head after you'd turned it over to the Commissioner at Tulagi," Van Horn supplemented.
Captain Van Horn snuggled him closer in his arm with a caress of his free hand.
He wriggled more determinedly, and Van Horn set him down on the deck.
It's all right, Jerry, old man, brace up and be a man-dog," Van Horn soothed him.
Captain Van Horn was a handsome man and a striking man, although Jerry did not know it.
Of the many men Virginia had met during the month at Singapore von Horn had been by far the most interesting and companionable.
Virginia took a keen delight in watching the Malays and lascars at their work, telling von Horn that she had to draw upon her imagination but little to picture herself a captive upon a pirate ship--the half naked men, the gaudy headdress, the earrings, and the fierce countenances of many of the crew furnishing only too realistically the necessary savage setting.
Here it was that the Ithaca came to anchor in a little harbor, while her crew under von Horn, and the Malay first mate, Bududreen, accompanied Professor Maxon in search of a suitable location for a permanent camp.
She had gleaned enough from von Horn to understand that some important scientific experiments were to be undertaken; but what their nature she could not imagine, for she had not the slightest conception of the success that had crowned her father's last experiment at Ithaca, although she had for years known of his keen interest in the subject.
von Horn were only there, thought the distracted girl.
Because the horns of our enemies are sharp, and in battle they will try to stick those horns into our warriors," she replied.
Yes; but they have those terrible horns, and unless we are careful they prick us with the points," returned the Champion with a shudder.