HOSOHome Office, Small Office
HOSOHead On Shell On (seafood)
HOSOHigh Oleic Sunflower Oil
HOSOHollywood South (nickname for Shreveport, LA)
HOSOHands on Science Outreach, Inc. (1984-2007; Silver Spring, MD)
HOSOHead on Skin On (seafood)
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As can be observed, the dispersion of sPP in HOSO yields higher initial slope values than iPP, especially at higher PP contents (Fig.
Figure 3 shows DSC cooling and melting curves of HOSO and pure polymers used to formulate oleogels.
Kenzo Takayanagi, Historical Introduction to 1 THE CODES TRANSLATION COMMITTEE, THE COMMERCIAL CODE OF JAPAN ANNOTATED, at ix, xxxix-xliii (1931) (discussing need of Code amendment in light of social, economic, and political changes in Japan); Takeo Suzuki, Kabushikigaishaho Kaisei no Shomondai [Problems on Amendments of the Company Law], 1 HOSO JIHO 83 (1949).
Among the products to be exhibited at the show, which is slated to run from October 12 to 14, 2009 at the Madinat Arena Conference Hall, Madinat Jumeirah, are frozen white HOSO shrimp, cooked and peeled sea shrimp, cuttlefish and squid, raw peeled shrimp, frozen tiger prawns, surimi based products, and tuna floss.