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HOSTHistory of Science and Technology
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exclaimed he, turning round as the noise of the door announced the entrance of the host, who came in to inquire if he was unhurt.
He is better," said the host, "he fainted quite away.
Look you, host, you are liable to arrest for high treason
By my leathern coat and tools, which I shall presently have out of that sly host, I swear that I never yet met a man I liked as well as you
Nowhere had I seen my host, nor did I know where he kept himself by night.
Very well, sir," said the host, "I'll give the pie and the bottle of wine to your servant, and in this way you will have the pen and ink into the bargain.
The host remained standing in front of him, looking with a kind of involuntary admiration at his handsome face, combining both gravity and sweetness of expression.
Besides, I have observed you have a horse just like mine, and that the host, no doubt on account of that resemblance, has placed them side by side in the stable, where they appear to agree amazingly well together.
Their hosts were surprised, explained where and why they had missed their way, said who the tipsy people they had met were, and told them how they ought to go.
It hovered over my head and said, 'You are sleeping, son of Atreus; one who has the welfare of his host and so much other care upon his shoulders should dock his sleep.
High in the midst exalted as a God Th' Apostat in his Sun-bright Chariot sate Idol of Majestie Divine, enclos'd With Flaming Cherubim, and golden Shields; Then lighted from his gorgeous Throne, for now 'Twixt Host and Host but narrow space was left, A dreadful interval, and Front to Front Presented stood in terrible array Of hideous length: before the cloudie Van, On the rough edge of battel ere it joyn'd, SATAN with vast and haughtie strides advanc't, Came towring, armd in Adamant and Gold; ABDIEL that sight endur'd not, where he stood Among the mightiest, bent on highest deeds, And thus his own undaunted heart explores.
said the stout old host, who regarded only the last words of the sentence.