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HOTBEDHanding on Tradition by Electronic Dissemination (UK)
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With nearly 258,000 professionals and $58 billion in shipments each year, the southeast region is a hotbed for plastics processing and manufacturing.
No other details were available but Coventry has been a hotbed of potential UFO sightings over the years.
FRANK football pundit Robbie Savage has taken some flak from irate Teessiders after ranking Boro third in the North-east hotbed hierarchy.
After identifying Uttarakhand as the hotbed of conversion, several RSS affiliates and umbrella organisations have started holding special camps to educate Hindu masses about the ' conversion problem' in the state and amid those who have migrated out of their native place in Uttarakhand.
Well I've got news, the hotbed cooled down decades ago.
Qatar, hardly a hotbed of football, but most definitely a hotbed of hotbeds, also stands accused of running roughshod over the rights of workers and of ignoring the sacred rule of grammar that says a 'u' must come after a 'q.
IT WAS a local historian who was author of a book many moons ago entitled The Hotbed of Football.
Midlands-based private investor syndicate Hotbed has backed a management buyout at Avocet Hardware, which manufactures screws, nails, fixings and general ironmongery products for the UK's biggest DIY retailers, including B&Q, Focus and Wickes.
THE HEART of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter is a hotbed of success for a business that has grown to become one of the largest independent TV production companies outside London.
A deputy sheriff in the terrorist hotbed of Fresno posed as an especially active and motivated member of a local peace group--a ruse that unraveled when the deputy died and members of the group recognized his picture in an obituary.
By any measure, the community would seem to be a hotbed of anti-U.
The neighborhood has created an identity for itself and has emerged as a hotbed for residential development, with multiple new buildings either planned or under construction.