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HP-GLHewlett Packard-Graphics Language
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5" x 25" x 22" Weight 235 lbs Power Source 120 V 15 A 60Hz Power Consumption 1,440 Watts maximum Embedded Printer Controller (Option) Print Speed MP W2400: 2ppm E-size SEF 4ppm D-size LEF MP W3600: 3ppm E-size SEF 6ppm D-size LEF Print Resolution Up to 600 dpi HDD 80GB (shared with Copy/Scanner applications) Supported Drivers RPCS, PS3 Emulation, HDI Supported File Formats HP-GL 1/2, HP-RTL, TIFF, CALS, PDF Network Protocol TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, AppleTalk RW-3600 Printer Controller PC Server Requirements External PC Server PC Requirements Operating Windows 2000 Professional System SP4, Windows XP Professional SP2 or Windows Vista PCI Interface Slot 2.
PCL 6, HP-GL, PDF, and line printer emulations, all included with the
Whether the user environment is Windows(R) or Mac(R)-based, the HL-2700CN is compatible and features a variety of emulations including PCL(R)6, BR-Script3 (PostScript(R)3(TM)), IBM(R) Proprinter, Epson(R) FX, and HP-GL.