HPAAHealth Policy and Administration
HPAA2-Hydroxyphosphonocarboxylic Acid
HPAAHypothalamo-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis (endocrine system)
HPAAHyde Park Art Association (Hyde Park, MA)
HPAAHypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenocortical Axis
HPAAHelicobacter Pylori Adhesin A (microbiology)
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The possible neuroendocrine interactions between pain and depression in the HPAA reveal the importance of either symptom to be considered as part the stress response mechanism.
In fact, time is essential to differentiate acute from chronic stress, and also emphasizes the role of HPAA in the long-term activation of psychological stressors.
Dysfunction of the HPAA has been associated with a variety of chronic pain conditions (Blackburn-Munro & Blackburn-Munro, 2003; Chapman & cols.
Blackburn-Munro and Blackburn-Munro (2003) defend the argument of three major overlap points to aetiologically link HPAA and chronic pain.
Due to the complexity of the HPAA and considering its crucial role in the response to stressors, understanding specific alterations in cortisol levels help to establish the connexions between deregulation of neuroendocrinal systems and its recuperation.
2005) with patients diagnosed with functional gastrointestinal disorder revealed two distinguished subgroups having different alterations in the HPAA.
La relacion entre las sumatorias de HPABs y HPAAs vario entre 0,07 y 0,50 en ambos muestreos, con predominio de fluoranteno (junio 2007.
A relacao entre as somatorias de HPABs e HPAAs variou entre 0,07 e 0,50 em ambas as amostragens, com predominio de fluoranteno (junhoo 2007: 16,42-76,62ng x [g.
El valor minimo de la sumatoria de HPAAs ([SIGMA]HPAAs), en junio 2007, fue encontrado en Rincon Hondo (E11; 16,42ng x [g.
Estos investigadores explican la presencia de los HPAAs por su facil asociacion con particulas atmosfericas, mientras los HPABs tienden a permanecer en fase gaseosa.
Otra evidencia del origen pirogenico de los HPAs en la zona de estudio, es el predominio de los HPAAs sobre los HPABs.