HPACHyde Park Art Center (Chicago)
HPACHigh Performance Affinity Chromatography
HPACHeating/Piping/Air Conditioning
HPACHyogo Performing Arts Center (Japan)
HPACHazard Prediction and Assessment Capability
HPACHeat Pump Air Conditioner
HPACHigh-Pressure Air Compressor
HPACHunts Point Alliance for Children (Bronx, NY)
HPACHacking, Phreaking, Anarchy and Cracking (documentary)
HPACHelping Prevent Animal Cruelty
HPACHeating, Plumbing and Air Conditioning
HPACHealth Promotion Access Catalogue (UK)
HPACHealth Policy Action Committee (medical student education)
HPACHuman Powered Alien Craft
HPACHistoric Properties Assistance Contribution
HPACHazard Prediction Analysis Code
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We kicked off the Open HPAC Lab to provide an area of collaboration for those requiring the low latency and energy efficiency that RapidIO interconnect delivers.
Methods: A series of capacity building programmes and KT activities were undertaken including: i) Capacity building of the HPAC using Evidence-to-Policy Network (EVIPNet) SUPPORT tools; ii) Capacity enhancement mentorship programme of the HPAC through a three-month executive training programme on health policy/health systems and KT in Ebonyi State University Abakaliki; iii) Production of a policy brief on strategies to improve the performance of the Government's Free Maternal and Child Health Care Programme in Ebonyi State Nigeria; and iv) Hosting of a multi-stakeholders policy dialogue based on the produced policy brief on the Government's Free Maternal and Child Health Care Programme.
80) Currently, such DTRA effects tools as HPAC and IMEA are not included in the suite of intelligence-automation tools available at the unit level.
The Cost-Effectiveness of Commissioning," Evan Mills, Hannah Friedman, Tehesia Powell, Norman Bourassa, David Claridge, Tudi Haasl, Mary Ann Piette, published in HPAC FASTRACK e-newsletter, June 2005, available at (www.
The agreement made with Nokian Tyres included the plant design for the project while the agreement with Lemcon Ltd included the design of electrical, HPAC and fire protection systems for the factory buildings, according to the company.
If given the speed and direction of the wind, and the concentration of the threat agent, HPAC can predict where the agent will migrate and how many people nearby could be exposed unless they evacuate or take cover in safe facilities.
HPAC (Hazard Prediction Assessment Capability) is a series of models that address the short-term generation, transport, and diffusion, and 3-D modeling of meteorological conditions with interaction of complex terrain.
HPAC Engineering's Webmasters know the importance of a dynamic Web presence.
However, the better flow and pressure stability of high-performance supports makes HPAC easier to incorporate into instrumental systems, which in turn gives it better speed and precision for the automated quantification of analytes.
com)-- Climaveneta Spa, the European leader in providing high efficiency HVAC and HPAC solutions, has introduced a new enlarged portfolio of rack cooling solutions designed for high density data centers.
Online article found on HPAC Engineering (http://hpac.
The Shakespeare Society's Bronx outreach is managed by HPAC.