HPAPIHigh Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
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Hear more from Justin at the HPAPI conference this April 2018, as he presents: "Strategic Management of HPAPI projects.
Many contract manufacturers are also building new facilities that are designed specifically for the manufacture of HPAPIs, which require a huge investment of millions beyond typical good manufacturing practices production facilities.
Discover practical approaches to HPAPI manufacturing in a controlled and efficient manner
Designed to significantly increase production capacity for commercial scale High Potency Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPIs), the project includes a new 45,000 sq ft manufacturing facility with reactors capable of producing HPAPI batch sizes up to 4000 litres.
Develop commercial potential in ADCs, as Justin Mason-Home, Director, HPAPI Project Services Limited, will be exploring the ADC component hazards, risk assessment, communication and management.
For HPAPI and Anticancers, containment technologies have been engineered for handling of products.
Patent expiration of prominent drugs led to increased generic drug sales, government initiatives for biomedical research, increasing scope of the HPAPI market, increasing aged population and regional penetration, local manufacturer expansion and high uptake of biologics are some of the factors that are driving the market growth.