HPCSHigh Performance Computing Systems
HPCSHigh Productivity Computing Systems
HPCSHigh Performance Computing Symposium
HPCSHigh Performance Communication Server
HPCSHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (book/movie)
HPCSHigh Pressure Core Spray system (commercial nuclear power - Boiling Water Reactor, BWR Type)
HPCSHippotherapy Professional Clinical Specialist (American Hippotherapy Association; Damascus, PA)
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Using the HPCS prior to presenting the low-probability request has been shown to increase the likelihood of compliance to requests that have historically resulted in noncompliance (Ardoin, Martens, & Wolf, 1999; Davis, Brady, Hamilton, McEvoy, & Williams, 1994; Davis, Brady, Williams, & Hamiltion, 1992; Davis & Reichle, 1996; Ducharme & Worling, 1994; Houlihan, Jacobson, & Brandon, 1994; Kennedy, Itkonen, & Lindquist, 1995; Killu, Sainato, Davis, Ospelt, & Paul, 1998; Mace & Belfiore, 1990; Mace et al.
Several of the studies involving evaluation of the HPCS procedure have been conducted within the context of school settings (Ardoin et al.
AppFog is showing off the best of HPCS and Cloud Foundry with its innovative web console feature deployed directly from GitHub as well as its orchestration with OpenStack technology powering HPCS.
This agreement with HPCS allows 700Credit to continue offering dealers the critical credit tools they need to quickly and accurately evaluate consumer credit information, and as importantly, perform necessary compliance functions," said Ken Hill, Managing Director of 700Credit.
The HPCS Program is vital to Sun, so we decided to put top talent in position to run it," said Scott McNealy, president, chairman and CEO, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Cray and AMD will work closely together on Cray's mid-2006 submission for Phase 3 of the DARPA HPCS program.
Sun and Luxtera developed the link as part of their ongoing technology exploration in the HPCS program.
Once filed, the "E" affixed to the company public symbol HPCS will be removed.
and Sun Microsystems, that received the DARPA HPCS grant for Phase II.
Other key initiatives, including our previously announced $90 million contract to develop and deliver the 'Red Storm' supercomputer to Sandia National Laboratory, our DARPA HPCS contract for advanced research on trans-petaflops computer systems, and further experience with our multithreaded MTA-2(TM) system will accelerate our progress toward this goal.