HPCVLHigh Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory
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The creation of the HPCVL CA is the latest initiative in a long relationship with Entrust.
When embarking upon an initiative of this scale, security must be factored in from the beginning as HPCVL has done.
By using the Entrust TruePass(TM) product, HPCVL has been able to develop and is deploying a Secure Grid Portal that protects intellectual property and information, and really keeps complexities to a minimum.
HPCVL has, since inception, held that strong authentication and encryption are necessary components of the secure and stable HPC environment.
HPCVL selected the Sun platform for its reliable, secure computing environment as well as its capability to scale dynamically, with little difficulty and with lower total cost of ownership.
Since 1999 HPCVL and Sun have been building on a unique public/private relationship to enhance the Canadian research which has seen smaller research clusters give way to a single, more powerful and efficient cluster that services multiple research groups.
In phase two, HPCVL intends to use Sun's future high-end multi-threaded SPARC-based systems that will optimize performance and enable them to stay on the leading-edge.
While HPCVL requires the latest technology to be effective, it also needs a clear roadmap for the future.
If you are looking for a demonstration of a successful partnership between the private and education sectors look no further than HPCVL," says Dr.
HPCVL interacts with a variety of groups besides the 4 member institutions who are utilizing these resources.
Nasdaq: SUNW) and HPCVL (High Performance Computing Virtual Laboratory) today announced the selection of HPCVL as a Sun Center of Excellence in Secure Grid and Portal Computing.
After conducting extensive due diligence, HPCVL decided on Sun for its innovative, leading-edge technology and its commitment to working closely with HPCVL to run and grow a world-class center for high performance computing.