HPDCHigh Performance Distributed Computing
HPDCHigh Pressure Die Casting (metal casting technique)
HPDCHolden Performance Driving Centre (sportscar racing; Norwell, Queensland, Australia)
HPDCHigh Performance Driving Course (Grand Prix auto racing)
HPDCHarry Potter Dialogue Centre
HPDCHigh Performance Data Conditioning
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It's the 'just the facts' approach that I appreciate the most about the HPD," said Aaron Smith, a HPDC board member and Director of Sustainability at ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions, the first manufacturer to create an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), a HPD, and a Declare label (Living Building Challenge) for a door.
Dan Martin, president and CEO of HPDC, said his group worked with the bank that controlled the mortgage on the building, with the goal of preserving affordable housing.
The HPDC Executive Committee named Schiavelli acting president and CEO pending formal board action next Tuesday.
The Kangaroo Approach to Data Movement on the Grid, HPDC '01: Proceedings of the 10th IEEE International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing (HPDC-10'01), p.
This year over 4,000 units of HPDC housing are under construction, with 3600 additional units in predevelopment for this year and beyond.
Lori had been a member of the HPDC board of directors but resigned in order to accept the position.
The aim of DOSHORMAT is to improve and optimize the previous prototypes from ULTRAGASSING, adapting them to all the market needs, by developing one equipment specifically designed for HPDC and Gravity Casting and another for degassing much larger volumes, suitable for LPDC and, in general, for any casting activity.
Optimization of HPDC Process Using Flow Simulation--Case Studies (T10-091)
php or contact Melissa Schiltz, HPDC Director of Marketing and Development at 646-217-3377.
5 HPDC booster pump, RO food grade pipe, high pressure switch, solenoid valve, auto cut valve, adapter, housing, filter, PH taste enhance, D-valve, etc.
Optimisation of HPDC Design Using Flow Simulation--Case Studies (T09-093)
Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization's (CSIRO) Light Metals Flagship has developed a new heat treatment process for strengthening aluminum HPDC parts.