HPDIHigh Pressure Direct Injection
HPDIHealth Products Distributors, Inc. (Oracle, AZ)
HPDIHighway Planning and Design Institute (China)
HPDIHighest Posterior Density Interval
HPDIHuman Performance Development International (Romania)
HPDIHarmonic Power Doppler Imaging (medical technology)
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TSX:WPT / NASDAQ:WPRT), engineering the world's most advanced natural gas engines and vehicles, today unveiled its next generation of high pressure direct injection technology platform dubbed "Westport[TM] HPDI 2.
Under the program, Westport will continue developing its HPDI natural gas fuel systems for 450 horsepower Cummins ISX engines to meet approaching emissions regulations for oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) emissions set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board.
Westport On-Road business strategy is to provide HPDI as a vertically integrated solution for engine and truck OEMs.
The initial focus of the New Markets and Off-Road Systems business unit is on developing Westport HPDI-based large mine trucks and mainline locomotives, and bring Westport HPDI technology into new markets.
Westport has engaged strategic and financial partners to participate in a broad program to develop and deploy these advanced vehicles in North America as it continues to strengthen industry awareness and acceptance for HPDI heavy-duty trucks.
These statements include specifically, statements regarding the timing for delivery of the referenced tenders, and commercial production of HPDI locomotives by EMD.
In the past, heavy-duty alternate fuel customers have had to make compromises, but with Westport's HPDI technology, we can provide cost effective solutions with diesel-like performance, which will be well received by traditional diesel customers.
HPDI allows a diesel engine to operate with over 90% replacement of diesel fuel by natural gas.
Westport announced an update to its Westport[TM] HPDI second generation or "HPDI 2.
Westport currently has several engine development programs underway with multiple OEMs who are attracted to the unique Westport[TM] HPDI "diesel-like" power, torque and fuel economy benefits of a true compression ignition engine powered by natural gas.
The increase is primarily due to product mix, service revenue, and exiting production of the first generation of Westport[TM] HPDI system.
0 on the Weichai Westport WP12 engine platform; and initiated development of the 10 litre Weichai Westport WD10 engine with Westport HPDI 2.