HPDLHigh Pressure Decorative Laminate
HPDLHuman Periodontal Ligament
HPDLHale Page Diamond Lake (Minneapolis, MN community organization)
HPDLHigh-Powered Diode Laser
HPDLHawaiian Plant DNA Library (est. 1992)
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Dichloromethane HPDL Grade, Methylene Chloride, Syphilis Ab Elisa Kits, ID Diaclone ABD/ABD, ID Diacells ABO, ID Dia Dc Screening lxl2cards, ID Coombs Cards 4320T, Polyethylene Glycol, Rh Extended phenotype, 3 cell panel kits, 11 cell panel kits, Low Ionic Strength Solution (Liss), Antisera K, Antisera S, Antisera "s", Antisera FYa, Antisera FYb, Antisera JKa, Antisera JKa, Antisera JKb, Antisera M, Antisera N, Antisera Lea, Antisera lua, Antisera Luh.
This power level of 20 watts puts SLI in the forefront of the HPDL market.
Air Force patented manufacturing technology known as Desorption Mass Spectrometry (DMS) feedback control which SLI has an exclusive 10-year license for the manufacture of HPDLs.