HPMIHigh-Performance Materials Institute (Tallahassee, FL)
HPMIHealth Promotion Management, Inc. (Broomfield, CO)
HPMIHunter Postgraduate Medical Institute
HPMIHolistic Pain Management Institute (San Jose, CA)
HPMIHigh Performance Molecular Imaging
HPMIHigh Pressure Mercury Injection (geology)
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Tao Liu, an HPMI principal investigator, states, "Optomec's Aerosol Jet system should prove to be an excellent resource toward helping HPMI in developing advanced multifunctional composites complete with sensors that are an intrinsic component of a composite structure.
Over the last several years, HPMI has proven a number of technology concepts that have the potential to narrow the gap between research and practical applications of carbon nanotube-based materials.
Dave Ramahi, Optomec President/CEO, states, "Florida State's HPMI is a world-class facility doing ground-breaking work in the area of nanomaterials for advanced intelligent structure applications.