HPNCHyde Park Neighborhood Club (Chicago, Illinois)
HPNCHigh Performance Network Connections for Science and Engineering Research
HPNCHigh-Performance Networking and Computing
HPNCHurstwood Park Neurological Center (Haywards Heath, UK)
HPNCHaiku Poets of Northern Californnia
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In the Settlement House tradition of improving living conditions in city neighborhoods, the HPNC has designed its programs through the years to fit the needs of a changing community: from a community of European immigrants with neglected youth and no playgrounds (circa 1908), to servicing the newcomers from the Great Migration, to servicing a growing University of Chicago staff and their families.
In addition, the HPNC had Polite Manners, Happy Hearts and Dolls Clubs.
The HPNC now offers a program for children up to 5 and their parents and caretakers where they enjoy fun activities appropriate for early childhood development.