HPNPHarbour Plaza North Point (hotel; Hong Kong)
HPNPHealth Professions, Nursing and Pharmacy (University of Florida)
HPNPHorton Plains National Park (Sri Lanka)
HPNPHome Plug 'n Play
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In LL muscle, on d 0, the highest and lowest TBARS values were presented by the HPNP and US group, respectively.
In the ST, the highest TBARS values were consistently found in the HPNP group at all ageing times, while LPNP resulted in lower TBARS values at all ageing times.
In the present study, the use of HPNP stunning resulted in a higher level of TBARS (p<0.
of the ST were seen between HPNP and US, and between LPNP and US.
At d 1, significant differences in yellowness were seen between HPNP and P, and between P and US.
values) were exhibited by the P and US samples at 0, 1 and 7 d post-mortem compared with those in the HPNP and LPNP groups .