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HRFHuman Rights First (formerly known as the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights)
HRFHuman Rights Foundation
HRFHuman Research Facility
HRFHuman Relief Foundation
HRFHigh Readiness Force
HRFHumanitarian Response Funds
HRFHuman Resource Function
HRFHistoric Resources Fund (Virginia)
HRFHeight Range Finder
HRFHazard Rate Function (reliability)
HRFHeavyduty Roll Feed
HRFHigh Reliability Fighter
HRFHome Radio Frequency Standard (HRFWG)
HRFHairpin-Resonator Filter
HRFHussmann Refrigerator Company
HRFHuman Relations Foundation (Chicago, IL)
HRFHarmonic Rejection Filter
HRFHuman Rights Forum
HRFHistoric Restoration Fund (Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism)
HRFHealth Research Foundation (Canada)
HRFHSU Research Forum
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It is pertinent to mention here that an HRF is already set up in Quetta and one in Hyderabad while an HRF was under construction in Peshawar.
The shortfall in the HRF is nearly half of what was previously available to Downpatrick and Down Royal and the impact has not been limited to prizemoney.
HRF units are used in the diving industry to ensure that in the event of an emergency evacuation of a diving support vessel (DSV) with divers in saturation; a more controlled and comfortable decompression and medical treatment will be available for the divers.
Ian Huggins, general manager of Unique System, said: "Unique sees a demand for this type of life support unit in the region and have made the decision to build and deploy the HRF into the local region to support commercial diving operators in their process to further enhance the safety of their diving teams.
However, to the best of our knowledge, no research has examined the HRF of college students whom may be striving to gain employment in such health-related industries.
A retrospective study of HRF was carried out in February 2011 with an objective to determine whether this model has been effective and efficient in regularizing supplies in the hospital.
Such laws are a tool for suppressing freedom of speech," HRF noted.
Another donor organisation highlighted by The Electronic Intifada is the The Sarah Scaife Foundation, which allegedly donated $325,000 to HRF between 2007 and 2011 - and which the CAP accused of contributing $7,875,000 to the "Islamophobia industry" between 2001 and 2009.
The IDB, the UN, and the World Bank are also involved in the HRF, with the purpose of ensuring that international standards for financial management, good governance, and quality are met in the process.
Thus, the TCE perspective on regionalization suggests that MNEs with a high HRF should enjoy efficiency gains in their operations due to the lower costs of targeting their home regions (Hejazi 2007; Li 2005; Qian et al.
Aboul Naga's comments are a cynical attempt to appeal to nationalist sentiment and to spread disinformation," stated Neil Hicks, an official with HRF.