HRMIHuman Rights Media Institute (Montreal, Canada)
HRMIHuman Resource Management Initiative (California)
HRMIHealth Risk Management, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN)
HRMIHuman Rights Monitoring Institute (Lithuania)
HRMIHuman Resources Management Information (UK)
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These researchers do not consider technological innovations a part of HRMIs.
Factors used to evaluate the degree of risk associated with HRMIs are pervasiveness, magnitude, and radicalness (Wolfe, 1995).
Under the Manufacturing and Distribution License Agreement, HRMI has the exclusive rights to commercialize and develop markets for the Tri-Y technology worldwide with the exception of China.
Sun Power has offered to purchase the HRMI rights by way of an assignment of the Manufacturing and Distribution License Agreement to Sun Power or any other party designated by Sun Power, by the issuance of 158,000 common shares of Sun Power plus $25,000 in cash on or before December 1st 2001.
The closing documents will contain a "claw-back" arrangement for both HRMI and Sun Power.
First, the respondents were given the definition of HRMI as defined in this research.