HRPAHuman Resources Professional Association (formerly Human Resources Professionals Association of Ontario)
HRPAHuman Resources Policy Association
HRPAHistoric Royal Palaces Agency
HRPAHalton Regional Police Association (Ontario, Canada)
HRPAHigher Random Phase Approximation
HRPAHuman Resource Partnership in Asia (INSEAD)
HRPAHealth-Related Physical Activity
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HRPA has been widely adopted by the Hmong in Laos and Thailand as well as in the West (mostly in North America, France, and Australia).
8220;Together, the EHBC & HRPA are a match made in Heaven,” said Edelheit.
The responses were similar to those of earlier annual surveys, says Corrina Mason, HRPA information specialist.
So we saw social media applications as a big way to provide our members with those things they wanted the most," Mason says, adding that HRPA also saw social media as a way to be more responsive to members.
We believe collaborating with industry partners will enable us to expand the application of our HRPA technology beyond infection into new therapeutic areas.
Chris Larsen and Corrina Mason of HRPA will provide a guided tourof their association's recently launched Resource Centre, a robust, searchable online HR knowledgebase that's powered by Inmagic[R] Presto.
As member needs continue to evolve, associations must find new ways to collect, organize, manage, share and socialize informational assets," says Chris Larson, Director of Marketing and Membership of HRPA.
Chief Scientific Officer of Excelimmune, added, "Excelimmune's HRPA technology is designed to fill the gap between monoclonal antibodies and IVIG therapeutics by harnessing the synergistic action of multiple antibodies using a production process that overcomes the inherent supply and safety limitations of blood-derived immunoglobulin products.
We are moving forward on all of our milestones, including completion of another round of animal studies to advance our first HRPA candidate and continued development of a proprietary, automated HRPA development platform to clone and screen human donor-derived antibodies," said Quinton Zondervan, CEO of Excelimmune.
This certification will enable Aetna Pharmacy Management (APM) to be selected by customer members of the HRPA coalition.
The HRPA estimates these employers represent 3 million people who will be eligible for the new benefit programs.
We believe HRPAs will provide a safer and more effective treatment option for nocosomial infectious compared to conventional anti-infective drugs.