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HRQOLHealth-Related Quality of Life
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A sample size of 2 119 students was determined to be large enough to estimate an expected prevalence of HRQOL of 50% with a 95% confidence interval and a margin of error of [+ or -] 2%.
In order to better respond to the needs of patients living with ESKD, APNs need to consider HRQOL to guide clinical practice with an innovative and patient-centred approach (Finkelstein et al.
026) HRQOL domain on the CFQ-R increased significantly following the experimental period.
The logistic regression analysis was performed to determine variables with the most significant contribution to HRQOL in the caregivers of the war-related bilateral lower-limb amputees.
Focus groups were conducted with caregivers of individuals with military-related TBI (mild, moderate, severe, and penetrating) in order to identify the most important and relevant HRQOL domains for TBI caregivers.
On the other hand, regarding the determinants of total HRQOL, the severity of ID, GMFCS scores, and mothers' BDI scores negatively impacted the PedsQL-P total scores.
In this context, this study investigated, using the SF-12, the PHC and MHC of the HRQOL, and its association with social-demographic characteristics, in relation to health and behaviors in a representative sample of adults of the community, that is to say, people who are not institutionalized and are not suffering from specific systemic conditions.
Table 3 shows the results of HRQOL of patients according to the presence of lipodystrophy.
In reviewing the literature, three risks that may impact HRQOL in children and adolescents with CKD were selected for review: depression, body image alterations, and sleep disturbance (Tjaden, Grootenhuis, Noordzij, & Groothoff, 2015; Wong, et al, 2012).
The aim of this survey was to evaluate occupational stress and HRQOL, in a sample of nursing professionals in the University Hospital of Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.