HRRMOffice of Human Resources & Risk Management (Harris County, TX)
HRRMHigh Range-Resolution Monopulse Tracking Radar
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By using wireless communication modules that are part of the HRRM, the HRRM system also has the capability to track and locate patients wearing the Location Tags (this will be optional for the HRRM system).
The HRRM measures an individual's heart rate (beats/min) and respiration rate (breaths/min) and continuously relays this information to a monitoring facility, such as a nursing station via a wireless communication module built into the HRRM.
Conti, a member of the Penn State Board of Trustees retired owner of Conti's Cross Keys Inn and Pipersville Inn in Doylestown (Pennsylvania) and creator of the distinguished Conti Professorship in the School of HRRM.