HRTAHampton Roads Transportation Authority (Virginia)
HRTAHotel, Restaurant and Tourism Administration (education program)
HRTAHigh Range Training Area (Australia)
HRTAHereinafter Referred to as (legal)
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Many students in the HRTA major take both the HRTA Tourism course and a business calculus course.
Coll serves on the advisory board of the Boston University School of Hospitality and the advisory boards of University of Massachusetts' HRTA and Eisenberg School of Management.
yas tu ta matarah purvam lokasyasya prakalpitah/ asmakam tad bhavet sthanam tasam caiva na tad bhavet// bhavema pujya lokasys na tah pujyah surarsabha/ prajasmakam (16) hrtas tabhis tvatkrte tah prayaccha nah// These ones who were made the first Mothers of this world, that position should be ours and should not be theirs.