HSRTHigh School Readiness Test
HSRTHawaii Society of Radiologic Technologists (Honolulu, HI)
HSRTHuman System Research and Technology (US NASA)
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Clinical reasoning was measured using the HSRT (Facione & Facione, 2006), a 33-question, validated, multiple-choice test designed to assess critical-thinking skills in health science students (undergraduate and graduate) and professional health science practitioners.
RESULTS The change in HSRT mean scores was determined to be significant for the intervention group at the .
Three weeks later they completed a second version of the HSRT.
The HSRT opposed the CARE bill because it included educational requirements for limited x-ray machine operators.
This point was not understood by HSRT members, said Ms.
All ASRT needs from HSRT, and what we have repeatedly asked for, is neutrality on the issue," she said.
In addition, the HSRT's opposition to the legislative effort is a violation of the charter agreement between the HSRT and the ASRT, signed in 1948.
The ASRT Board meets with HSRT members Cory Ishihara, R.
The HSRT sends a letter to ASRT asking what the sanctions are, why they are being imposed and how they can be lifted.
The HSRT sends a letter to ASRT indicating that its Board plans to discuss the issue in October.
Having received no response from the HSRT regarding the request for neutrality, the ASRT Board of Directors imposes the sanctions outlined in the August 2006 letter.