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HTGHaitian Gourde (ISO currency code)
HTGHard to Get
HTGHatanga (Russia)
HTGHit the Ground
HTGHydrostatic Tank Gauging
HTGHigh Throughput Genome
HtGHot to Go (racing)
HTGHonest to God
HTGHierarchical Task Graph
HTGHamilton Tomo Group (caving club in NZ)
HTGHarlequin Theatre Guild
HTGHugo Treffneri Gymnaasium (Tartu, Estonia)
HTGHelicopter Training Group (US Navy)
HTGHardened Target Graphic
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Peak isometric torque (H), peak concentric torque (H and Q) and RTD (H) were significantly greater in the HTG group than in the LTG group (p < 0.
1) Clinical studies in the United States and elsewhere show DHA from microalgae oil targets HTG.
4 reveal that the HTG resin displays a linear viscoelastic behavior up to a deformation level of about 0.
We evaluated the hypotheses that sensitization of ductal or acinar pancreas cells or cofactors is involved in the HTG process to induce acute pancreatitis and high serum TG concentrations and that mutations and functional variations of PRSS1, SPINK1, and CFTR, and TNF promoter polymorphisms are associated with hyperlipidemic pancreatitis (HLP).
Orc will provide HTG with Orc Market Maker, a server-based trading solution designed for options market making.
As a result, ZEISS DuraMax HTG is particularly well-suited for precise measurement in non-air conditioned production areas.
The report reviews current instrumentation technologies, and compares features of leading molecular diagnostics analyzers marketed by Abbott, Beckman Coulter, BD, bioMerieux, Bio-Rad, Cepheid, Curetis, GenMark, Gen-Probe, HTG Molecular, Qiagen, Roche, Siemens, Tecan and Thermo Fisher.
Additionally, 111 HTG individuals [TGs >10 mmol/L; mean (SD), 22.
Prismo HTG and S-ACC coordinate measuring machine (CMM) models are now available with VAST navigator technology.
HTG Molecular Diagnostics, has announced today it is entering the next phase of a multi-million, multi-institutional research project to develop technologies that would rapidly measure an individual's level of exposure to radiation in the event of a radiological or nuclear incident.
HTG Molecular Diagnostics today announced its technology platform will be featured during a customer presentation, "qNPA Measurement of Fusion Genes," at the third annual ADAPT 2011 Congress in Philadelphia, September 7-9 as part of the Translational Biomarkers track.
Three leading telecommunications companies partner to benefit industry summit attendees, awarding $20,000 in products and services to 2011 HTG Q4 and IT Nation participants in Orlando.