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HTGHaitian Gourde (ISO currency code)
HTGHard to Get
HTGHatanga (Russia)
HTGHit the Ground
HTGHydrostatic Tank Gauging
HTGHigh Throughput Genome
HtGHot to Go (racing)
HTGHonest to God
HTGHierarchical Task Graph
HTGHamilton Tomo Group (caving club in NZ)
HTGHarlequin Theatre Guild
HTGHugo Treffneri Gymnaasium (Tartu, Estonia)
HTGHelicopter Training Group (US Navy)
HTGHardened Target Graphic
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In July 2016, HTG Capital Partners acquired the introducing broker, money management and proprietary trading businesses of Kottke Associates, giving the company two new business lines and setting the stage for a rebrand.
Neal Kottke, CEO of Kottke Associates, will remain integral to the business acquired by HTG.
Adult 12-week-old Wistar (n = 18) and HTG (n = 18) rats were included in the study.
sup][2],[3],[4] HTG may be primary in origin or secondary to alcohol abuse, uncontrolled diabetes, pregnancy/oral estrogen, or use of drugs.
HTG chief executive, TJ Johnson, commented the firm believes that the combination of its EdgeSeq chemistry and automation technology with Illumina's sequencing platform will allow the development of diagnostic panels that enable local molecular laboratories to use sequencing for routine clinical use.
HTG will conclude its season in March 2014 with "Birdcage," a Filipino translation by Nonon Carandang of Jean Poiret's "La Cage aux Folles.
Se presenta el caso de un paciente con PA secundaria a HTG grave y su evolucion tras el tratamiento con plasmaferesis y otras medidas.
Peak isometric torque (H), peak concentric torque (H and Q) and RTD (H) were significantly greater in the HTG group than in the LTG group (p < 0.
The HTG and HTE chips employ a novel tris-NTA (3 x NTA) surface that uses a complex of three NTA groups to bind a histidine-tagged protein ligand.
Source-Omega has also been looking at the need in Asian Indian urban populations particularly at risk for HTG and diabetes onset due to factors such as urbanization, dietary changes and genetic factors inherent to the traditionally non-fish-eating population.
When he's not busy meeting his customers' needs there, Bates is busy facilitating a couple of industry groups, the International Association of Microsoft Certified Partners and an HTG peer group (highly select groups of Microsoft-certified IT professionals who learn, share and complete activities designed to improve their business).
As a result of the transaction, Tigo Ghana will retain a minority interest in HTG.