HUCAHebrew Union College Annual (journal)
HUCAHarvard University Cycling Association (est. 1890)
HUCAHistoric Urban Character Area (UK)
HUCAHome Uterine Contraction Assessment (obstetrics and gynecology)
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Hallo, "Money and Merchants in Ur III," HUCA 30 (1959): 113f.
12) Neither text 120 nor the text published in HUCA 30 are balanced accounts in the traditional sense.
The drafting of execution of works of the new cafes HUCA and execution of works which are necessary in the dining areas.
The provision, installation, maintenance and upkeep of the premises and the provision of equipment and furniture and vending machines new HUCA.
On Slaughter and Sacrifice, Blood and Atonement," HUCA 47 (1976).
The staff of the Pathology Department, HUCA, evaluated all of the biopsies according to the Banff 97 classification for AR diagnosis in renal transplantation and without knowledge of the concentrations of biochemical markers obtained in the present study.
4] Nonstandard abbreviations: AR, acute rejection; ATN, acute tubular necrosis; NTX, nephrotoxicity; CF-DNA, cell-free DNA; Tr-DNA, transrenal DNA or cell-free urine DNA; HUCA, Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias; tCF-DNA, total cell-free DNA; ddCF-DNA, donor-derived cell-free DNA; GE, genome equivalents; SRTP, stable renal transplantation patient; PCT, procalcitonin.
Fishbane, "Accusations of Adultery: A Study of Law and Scribal Practice in Numbers 5:11-31," HUCA 45 (1974): 25-45, esp.
The Origin of the day of the Lord Reconsidered," HUCA 37 (1966): 29-63.
67-79 (Hebrew) and again in HUCA XL-XLI (1969-1970): 251-275; and S.