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HUFHungary Forint (Currency Unit, ISO)
HUFHindu Undivided Family (India)
HUFHulman Field
HUFTerre Haute, IN, USA - Hulman Field (Airport Code)
HUFHydrogeologic Unit Flow (Groundwater Modeling Systems)
HUFHighway Users Federation for Safety and Mobility
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Dentre outros hospitais, aqui importa destacar um HUF que no Brasil agrega duas importantes politicas sociais: a educacao e a saude, e tem por missao viabilizar o ensino, a pesquisa, a extensao e a assistencia a vida humana (11) Tal missao, torna o cotidiano de trabalho dos gestores imerso em multiplas demandas.
O HUF responde pela formacao de um elevado numero de profissionais de saude e pela producao de grande parte de pesquisas na area biomedica a nivel nacional; bem como, participa na implementacao da politica de saude, a qual visa por meio do Sistema Unico de Saude (SUS) intervir no quadro saude-doenca da populacao (14) Ao todo existem 46 HUFs vinculados as Universidades Federais e, por conseguinte, submetidos as diretrizes do Ministerio da Educacao (MEC) e do Ministerio da Saude (MS).
But HUF Group spokeswoman Ute Hope paid tribute to the "wonderful and much-loved" employee.
The bank estimated it will have to pay HUF 36bn of the tax; however, as the tax is deductible from the corporate tax base, the total negative impact on group-level after-tax profit is expected to be about HUF 29bn.
A HUF, on the other hand, may be cumbersome to maintain; also you can set it up only if you are married.
Tax revenues received by Hungarys Treasury increased by HUF 547bn year-on-year despite the fact that tax reductions had left some HUF 860bn at families and enterprises this year, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Taxation Andrs Tllai said at an executive meeting of Hungarys Tax and Customs Administration (NAV).
This has led to a deficit of HUF 1639bn in the general government budget at the end of November 2017.
The company's revenue in 2001 was above 132,8 billion HUF.
Average acquisition cost per customer fell to HUF 15,139 in the first half of 2002 from HUF 21,777 a year ago.
50% notes, maturing on 15th October 2012, provide liquidity to the long dated HUF market and follow on from the EIB's HUF20bn eurobond issue in June 2001 - the first ever Forint denominated eurobond issue - which opened up the HUF international capital markets.
Commencing from January 10, 2018, these bonds are open to investment by individuals, including joint holdings and HUFs.