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HUFHungary Forint (Currency Unit, ISO)
HUFHindu Undivided Family (India)
HUFHulman Field
HUFTerre Haute, IN, USA - Hulman Field (Airport Code)
HUFHydrogeologic Unit Flow (Groundwater Modeling Systems)
HUFHighway Users Federation for Safety and Mobility
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A HUF, on the other hand, may be cumbersome to maintain; also you can set it up only if you are married.
2 million HUF amount of fruits and vegetables transportation, and buying and selling of Bela GEilfi Nonprofit Kft.
A total of at least 4, the European Union and EEA member state railway company or within the EU and / or EEA member country of the seat rail jEirmugyEirtE- and / or sites located in and / or supporting improvement to the contractual delivery of references with a total value equal to net 42 million HUF cent, and that at least one piece of reference reaches 21 million HUF was;
tender part guide catheter net 3,000,000 HUF / year; 25 pc
2 billion HUF, ie four billion - worth two hundred million forints, in the form of credit contract"
b) The degree The net value is affected by the default calendar days after the affected 1% of all delays, but less than the net value is affected by the default of 20% of the total during the contract period of up to two million HUF / year.
Average acquisition cost per customer fell to HUF 15,139 in the first half of 2002 from HUF 21,777 a year ago.
Purchase of new cars and associated services within a category of a net total of 6 billion HUF + VAT, ie HUF + VAT worth six billion.
50% notes, maturing on 15th October 2012, provide liquidity to the long dated HUF market and follow on from the EIB's HUF20bn eurobond issue in June 2001 - the first ever Forint denominated eurobond issue - which opened up the HUF international capital markets.
Overdraft loan guarantee in the form of contracts, tendered two parts, Part I with regard to a value of 1 billion HUF II.