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HUMVEEHMMWV, High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle
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The Humvee vehicles were equipped with communication devices and a number of bombs.
AM General has deployed around 230,000 Humvees to local and global customers across the world.
But three Humvees came free from their rigging as their parachutes deployed, sending the massive vehicles to their demise and kicking up a cloud of smoke.
Humvee Export LLC is responsible for all the overseas territories, having won the rights from AM General.
Other advantages over the Humvee, he said, are reliability, payload capacity and ease of repair.
7bn deal is the first tranche of a rolling order worth $30bn over the next 25 years, aimed at a production of 55,409 vehicles to replace ailing fleet - though even this could just be the start, given that 280,000 Humvees have been produced since 1984.
But in Springfield, the federally provided Humvee has not yet proved its worth.
Tens of thousands of Humvees were deployed there and, since their introduction in 1984, they have been in the former Yugoslavia, Africa and also Iraq, where 10,000 were sent out.
Luckily for Moss, medic Jared Angell, 23, was in his Humvee during the attack in Paktika Province, Eastern Afghanistan.
Today, a large part of the Army's light TWV fleet is the Humvee.
While the Army isn't finished with the Humvee, it did recently announce that it has reached its "acquisition objective" for the vehicles--meaning that it had finally received as many as it had planned to buy.
The United States Army is ending its 25 year relationship with the off-road capable Humvee.