HVLAHigh-Velocity, Low Amplitude
HVLAHigh Volume Low Activity (radioactive waste)
HVLAHydraulic Valve Lash Adjuster (automobile engine part)
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Sotto questo profilo, non mancano alcune prove preliminari ed eterogenee di effetti indotti dalla manipolazione sul sistema immunitario ed endocrino: da un lato, si registrano una riduzione significativa post-manipolativa della proliferazione di citochine infiammatorie e un aumento di anticorpi (29); dall'altro lato, a HVLA toracica alta, si sono evidenziate variazioni significative di ossitocina e neurotensina nei minuti successivi nonche di concentrazione plasmatica di cortisolo dopo due ore (30); da ultimo, immediatamente dopo manipolazione cervicale praticata su pazienti asintomatici, si verifica un aumento della sostanza P a livello plasmatico del 70,55% oltre che una riduzione del Pressure Pain Threshold su C5 e C6 e sull'epicondilo laterale.
Data reflects the number of unique patients receiving intervention per region (% receiving the respective intervention) HVLA SM Mobilization Soft Tissue CS 98 (21.
Conversely, he does not use SMT on patients who may have pain caused by nerve impingement, and he rarely uses HVLA to correct problems in the cervical spine--HVLA has been associated with a very low risk of vascular injury, stroke or death when used in the neck.
HVLA to the thoracic spine is also another option in successfully treating mechanical neck dysfunction and is gaining increasing attention in the literature (Krauss et al 2008).
All 31 subjects received a manual procedure to the level of radiculopathy, with 18 of these cases being an HVLA procedure and the remaining 13 being MET.
These systematic reviews reported that the widest base of evidential support existed for side posture HVLA manipulations and a panel of experts ascribed a value of 9.
144) In this study involving 240 participants (average age 63 years) subacute or chronic low back sufferers received either HVLA side-posture Diversified-style spinal manipulation or low velocity, variable-amplitude spinal manipulation, such as CoxFlexion distraction technique.
The following approaches were utilized in our competitive swimmer: mobilizations applied to affected sternocostal joints as well as HVLA spinal manipulative therapy of the symptomatic thoracic zygapophyseal and costovertebral joints.
HVLA adjustments were used to attempt to re-establish normal motion of the cuboid and the talonavicular joint.
17,18) However, given the risks of manipulation-associated AVN and chondrolysis, HVLA manipulation of the hip joint in a chiropractic office should continue to be taught as contraindicated for the SCFE patient.
Recent systematic reviews of HVLA-style spinal manipulative therapy have shown that there is moderate to high-quality evidence that HVLA is better than placebo for chronic neck pain, better than general medical care and about the same as rehabilitation.