HVLSHigh Volume, Low Speed (fan type)
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To complete the full suite of comfort solutions, MacroAir HVLS fans are distributed by EnergyLogic as the professional and sleek alternative to operate in reverse during the colder winter months and de-stratify hot air down to the employees, limiting heat rise to the ceiling.
HVLS fans' benefits are often even more pronounced during the winter months.
in Seaforth Ontario, Whalenado[TM] HVLS fans are distributed exclusively by Northern Dock Systems, an industry leader in the sales and service of HVLS industrial fans.
2003) reported that 20-to-24-foot HVLS fans installed in Wisconsin in 2001 were mounted at a height of 16-18 feet, which was typically one foot higher than the overhead garage door at the ends of the center drive-through feed lane, and were approximately 60-70 feet apart.
Waskom ordered one 20-foot-diameter HVLS fan for the Agri-Fab plant in July.
A single HVLS fan can reduce annual heating and cooling costs by as much as 20 to 30 percent, depending on the climate.
MacroAir introduces the AirElite high-performance HVLS fan for commercial applications.
According to company officials, the Fan-Commander enables users to optimize the year-round performance of strategically located Revolution HVLS fans throughout a single facility, maximizing the energy savings and comfort they deliver.
The Shop Environment/Safety feature from HVLS Fan Co.
The drawbacks of conventional industrial ceiling fans became an opportunity for product improvement and innovation for the HVLS Fan Co.