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HVMHigh Volume Manufacturing
HVMHardware Virtual Machine
HVMHigh Velocity Missile
HVMHypervelocity Missile
HVMHavre, Montana (border patrol sector)
HVMHome and Vehicle Modifications (Medicaid waiver services)
HVMHigh Velocity Machines (Ingersoll Milling Machine Company)
HVMHigh Velocity Machines, LLC (Lansing, MI)
HVMHavenmeester (Dutch)
HVMHollow Visceral Myopathy
HVMHuron Valley Men's Facility (Michigan)
HVMHigh Velocity Motorsports (various locations)
HVMHamilton Valley Management, Inc
HVMHSSM Virtual Machine
HVMHostile Vehicle Mitigation (UK)
HVMHigh-Value Management
HVMHierarchical Video Management
HVMHypothalamic Ventromedial Nucleus
HVMHigh Voltage Maintenance (various locations)
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The main parts of robotic system include two motors, two conveyor belts, a HVM arm, input infrared sensors, and a PLC.
In addition to the summary HVM shown in Figure 1, separate HVMs were developed to provide a view of the outcomes associated with the separate demographic characteristics of gender, age and ethnicity, and six-month post-course data.
There are certain limitations that impact the module's effectiveness, especially as it relates to support of HVM PDM operations.
An HVM consists of the different content codes derived from content analysis arranged on a map and connected with lines.
HVM City will create the perfect economic conditions for advanced manufacturers to thrive; through investment in world leading people, businesses and places.
In a recent white paper, HVM observed that taxi medallions have been among the safest investments in the U.
Employers given control of |Apprenticeship funding; Industry given control of | developing and retaining vocational qualifications; Improving infrastructure; | The establishment of a per-|manent, independent UK Infrastructure Authority; Make investment in the stra-|tegic road network and broadband key priorities; Reducing the cost of doing |business; The carbon price floor should |be removed as soon as fiscally possible; The compensation scheme |for renewable electricity should be introduced as soon as possible; Better support for growing |businesses; Funding for both Innovate |UK and Science should be protected; Funding for the HVM Cata-|pult Centres must be maintained.
Lawyers for the troubled retailer, which shut down its outlet in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland, warned an ex-manager who decided to go solo that he was harming their reputation when he wanted to call his store HVM.
Mercer said its HVR and HVM give financial advisors and wealth management oversight on potential issues in funds in which their clients are invested.
HVM 100 human vibrator meter - Hi-tech digital processing unit which monitors vibration.
In HVM any part of the gastro-intestinal tract, and occasionally the urinary tract, may be involved.